Monday, October 7, 2013

I have moved !

7th of October , 2013 marks a very eventful day of my life . For this is the day where I finally got rid of my inner procrastination demon , to actually stand up and take actions . After a few days of confining myself to my room , being anti-social and spending most of my time coding away , I have finally successfully completed one of my proudest masterpiece :  . The idea of having a new website , with a proper domain and intuitive design have been in my mind for quite some time .Yet , my mind kept playing tricks on me , giving me thousands of excuses to procrastinate . Lack of skills , lack of time , etc etc . Some of it were true , while some are mere imaginary obstacles that I could overcome had I put in a bit more effort .

After much prodding and encouragement by a few friends , I finally mustered enough courage and self-discipline to revamp my website , this time with a proper domain name to which I can proudly call my own website . It was exhilarating , and the whole experience still felt surreal for me . The fact that I , the lazy , procrastinating pig managed to put together a custom designed website in less than a week , totally blew my mind away . 

I never thought it was possible . I still think the same way . When i launched the website live today , all I could feel was the apprehension and fear of something not working properly . But at last , it was done . It is finally out in the wild now and you may check it out at . I am extremely proud of this website as this is the first time I put in that much effort into making some personal dream of mine happening . I would no longer be updating this blog . All my new updates can be found in the new website . So , if you have some free time to spare , and feel like visiting it , please feel free to do so . I would greatly appreciate your visits ! ;D

Lastly , for all the readers that have stayed with me throughout this few years . Whether you're a close friend of mine , a hi-bye friend that just happens to want to know more about my life , a blog-hopping stranger who stumbles upon this blog randomly , or even a spammer , THANK YOU , for dropping by .

It has been an amazing ride , and I look forward to continuing this ride with you guys in the new website . See you there ;' ) 


Sau Fei 

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